Carbon Emissions Reporting

GHGi Analytics is a cloud based solution. It enables you to easily collect, analyse, and report the data required for your carbon emissions reporting. It simplifies complying with the requirements of; Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting, ESOS and the CDP.

Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting (SECR)

Automatically produces the reports required to meet legislation.

GHG Protocol Standard

Emissions calculations and reporting complies with the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard. This enables emissions reporting for nearly all external requirements.

Up to date emissions factors

Current GHG conversion factors are always maintained.

Cloud Based Application

Easy access from multiple locations with no need for remote access to your internal network. This improves cyber-security.

Centrally Stored Data

All your organisation’s emissions data in one place, easily accessed from anywhere with full audit trail facility.

Flexible data entry

Multiple data entry options for ease of operation.

Saves time

Designed to save your staff time, reducing your compliance costs.

Data analysis and management reports

Provides statutory reports, decision based analyses and management reports; from summary to increasingly granular detail.

GHG Insight

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