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Take the pain out of Emissions Reporting

GHG Insight

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Simplifying “Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting”

Mobile friendly system for accurate emissions data collection & reporting

Meets the main requirements of SECR, ESOS & the CDP

GHG Insight enables organisations to report on their greenhouse gas emissions.  This includes the UK Government’s Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) requirements, for both quoted and unquoted companies, ESOS and the CDP.  

GHGi Analytics –  Emissions recording and analysis  

Centrally Stored Data

All your organisation’s emissions data in one place

Cloud Based Application

Easy access for multiple locations with no need to access internal systems enhancing cyber-security

Up to date emissions factors

GHG conversion factors always maintained to current version

Automated Data entry

Data collection can be linked to Energy Management Systems or entered manually from bills


Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting

Automatically produces the reports required by the UK Government

Drill down on Graphs and Tables

Provides easy analysis, from overview to increasingly granular detail

Validate your year-on-year comparisons

Use different years’ emissions factors to see what your actions have really achieved

Spot opportunities to save costs

Identify opportunities to reduce emissions and save money

GHGi Analytics fulfils the requirements of the UK government’s Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting regulations.  Being cloud based has two benefits. First, the data from different sites is centralised, making analysis and reporting easier. Secondly, mobile users do not need to access your organisation’s internal network, which reduces your cyber-security risk. Learn more about GHGi Analytics….

Live Demo Webinar

Join us to gain insight into how to simplify compliance with the UK Government’s Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) requirements. Hear about how GHGi Analytics will do this, and see a live demo by our solutions expert.

GHGi Expenses – Expenses on the move

GHGi Expenses is cloud based, out-of-pocket expenses system that can be completed anytime and anywhere. It also automatically records carbon emissions from different journey types. It provides business travel data for the organisation’s emissions reporting regime. 

GHGi Expenses also provides individual dashboards. These allow staff to keep track of their expense claims and respond to any items that are declined or queried. Photographs of receipts can be attached to individual claims, removing the need to submit paper. For more details of GHGi Expenses follow this link.

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GHGi Expenses

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GHGi Engine – Integrate your own systems

GHGi Engine can be linked to your existing Travel & Expenses management system.  It provides the means of calculating the greenhouse gas emissions from business travel.

In all cases the granularity of the reporting system lets managers identify where reductions in emissions can be made. Demonstrable savings will enhance your organisation’s sustainability performance and credentials. For more details of GHGi Engine follow this link

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GHG Insight

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