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Is Hydrogen the route to Net Zero?

Is Hydrogen the route to Net Zero

Is hydrogen the route to Net Zero? Hydrogen is not an energy source like natural gas, rather it is a carrier of energy, somewhat like a battery.  It does not occur naturally in usable quantities, but has to be manufactured.  There are seen to be four main applications for hydrogen: Transport - road, rail, and shipping Heating Electricity generation Industrial processes Transport Cars and Vans By 2035 at the latest…

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Afforestation and Net Zero

Planting Trees and Net Zero

Planting Trees and Net Zero - a Carbon Capture solution? It is generally accepted that it will be impossible to eliminate all greenhouse gas emissions.  Therefore, in order to achieve Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, it is essential that these residual emissions are removed from the atmosphere through some form of Carbon sequestration. This means the physical removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere; by trapping and storing…

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Is Hydrogen Safe as a Fuel?

Hydrogen; who says it is unsafe or is not low emissions? Is Hydrogen safe as a fuel? In a recent lecture on the future of the automotive held at Loughborough Grammar School, a senior academic stated that hydrogen was not a serious contender as a fuel for vehicles in the future.  Two reasons were given.  First, although burning hydrogen did not result in greenhouse gas emissions the electricity used to…

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Green Electricity Tariffs dissected

Do green electricity tariffs reduce your carbon footprint?

Do green electricity tariffs reduce your carbon footprint? If you’re reading this blog, you may have responsibility for your organisation’s sustainability strategy or carbon reporting. If so, the answer to the question in the title may have a big impact on what carbon emissions you report. If the electricity is coming from the grid, then the short answer to the question is: No - Green electricity tariffs do not reduce…

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Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting

More businesses will need to report carbon emissions

This article was first published in Business Network magazine March 2019. Jean-François Lowes discusses the implications of the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting. He explains our understanding of its current state, what we believe will happen in the future and how we believe it will be extended. Read it and let us have any comments that you may have. We would like to hear from you. [pdfviewer]//[/pdfviewer]

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Jean Lowes

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting – update

For the latest information go to Environmental Reporting Guidelines See what Jean-Francois Lowes has to say about the latest news on Steamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting requirements.  Jean is talking from EMEX after listening to Gary Shanahan Head of Business and Industrial Energy Efficiency, Tax and Reporting BEIS. //

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& unusual ways to reduce your carbon emissions

7 Unusual things that will reduce your organisations carbon emissions

7 Unusual things that will reduce your organisation's carbon emissions There are very few silver bullets when it comes to reducing an organisation’s carbon emissions.  Real long-term reductions will come with a number of initiatives that cumulatively make a difference. Here are seven to get you started. 1. Review your transport policy The most obvious one is to switch as many of your fleet to full electric vehicles.  Electric vehicles…

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Smart Home Device

Smart Home devices are not the answer to Emissions Reduction

AI (artificial intelligence) may be the hot topic in the technology debate, but “smart homes” technology may have a greater environmental impact.   Smart speakers, like Amazon’s Echo, can change the colour of light bulbs with just a few words.  Smart thermostats, will turn down the central heating when you go to bed.  Fridges that can tell you when you are running low on milk.  Door locks that recognise who goes…

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