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Electric car and electric solar charge point Electric SUV

Hybrid, plug-in Hybrid or All Electric SUV

Hybrid, plug-in Hybrid or All Electric SUV, which is the best option, a layman’s view We have been driving a Lexus 450h hybrid electric SUV for the past four years.  We are now looking to replace it with an at least partially electric SUV.  Why an SUV?  Well, carrying capacity is essential.  Not only because our family likes to go camping occasionally, but the transportation of quite bulky samples is…

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Tips for Business Travellers

Tips for Business Traveller

Tips for Business Travellers Traveling on business can be stressful and expensive, particularly for SME travellers. Here are some tips for business travellers to make life easier. The Daily Telegraph has published a couple of good articles that provide tips for business travellers. However, please be aware that they are sponsored stories. That said the information is worthwhile. We have added some thoughts of our own and a bit about our services. “Five…

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