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SECR Guidance for Companies with Small Workforces

SECR for Companies with Small Workforces

SECR Guidance for Companies with Small Workforces Companies with workforces below 250, can still be liable to report their emissions under SECR (Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting).  The Annual Turnover (£36m) and Balance Sheet (£18m) being the criteria that compels compliance.  Cloud based GHGi Analytics is designed to simplify SECR reporting for all sizes of organisation, but its simplicity is particularly useful for smaller ones.  Its simplicity makes it ideal…

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Green Electricity Tariffs dissected

Do green electricity tariffs reduce your carbon footprint?

Do green electricity tariffs reduce your carbon footprint? If you’re reading this blog, you may have responsibility for your organisation’s sustainability strategy or carbon reporting. If so, the answer to the question in the title may have a big impact on what carbon emissions you report. If the electricity is coming from the grid, then the short answer to the question is: No - Green electricity tariffs do not reduce…

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Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting

More businesses will need to report carbon emissions

This article was first published in Business Network magazine March 2019. Jean-François Lowes discusses the implications of the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting. He explains our understanding of its current state, what we believe will happen in the future and how we believe it will be extended. Read it and let us have any comments that you may have. We would like to hear from you. [pdfviewer]//[/pdfviewer]

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Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting Guidance Document

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting – Reporting Guidelines

Summary Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) will apply to 11,900 “large” companies and Limited Liability Partnerships from 1st April 2019. These organisations will need to collect and report on a wide range of energy data in their accounts submitted to Companies House each year. Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting - Introduction This briefing looks at the implications resulting from the issue of the Environmental Reporting Guidelines including SECR on…

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Jean Lowes

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting – update

For the latest information go to Environmental Reporting Guidelines See what Jean-Francois Lowes has to say about the latest news on Steamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting requirements.  Jean is talking from EMEX after listening to Gary Shanahan Head of Business and Industrial Energy Efficiency, Tax and Reporting BEIS. //

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CDP Supplier Information Request

CDP Supplier Information Request

CDP Supplier Information Request. Certain large companies require their suppliers to complete a comprehensive and detailed questionnaire covering their climate change risk, greenhouse gas emissions and emissions reduction initiatives, the CDP Supplier Information Request. These questionnaires, are required to be completed each year and are scored. Failure to complete the questionnaire or failure to reach a certain minimum score may result in deterioration in the relationship with that customer. Who…

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UK Mandatory Carbon Reporting

UK Mandatory Carbon Reporting

UK mandatory carbon reporting. Certain UK organisations are required to report their carbon emissions in their annual report each year - UK mandatory carbon reporting. This requirement is likely to be extended to all large companies in the near future. Who has to comply? Companies that are UK incorporated and quoted on: The UKLA (UK Listing Authority e.g. the London Stock exchange) Is officially listed in any EEA state Is…

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