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Five reasons why global shipping is bad for the planet

Five reasons why global shipping is bad for the planet: yet it does not seem to care

A recent report in The Maritime Executive, describes the “World first zero emissions wind and hydrogen power cargo ship." Stories about low emission ships have been appearing for some time. A rather optimistic article on the Mongabay Website provides a potted history of the type. However, all this optimism could well be misplaced, given five reasons why global shipping is bad for the planet. The five reasons why global shipping…

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Is Hydrogen the route to Net Zero?

Is Hydrogen the route to Net Zero

Is hydrogen the route to Net Zero? Hydrogen is not an energy source like natural gas, rather it is a carrier of energy, somewhat like a battery.  It does not occur naturally in usable quantities, but has to be manufactured.  There are seen to be four main applications for hydrogen: Transport - road, rail, and shipping Heating Electricity generation Industrial processes Transport Cars and Vans By 2035 at the latest…

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Is Hydrogen Safe as a Fuel?

Hydrogen; who says it is unsafe or is not low emissions? Is Hydrogen safe as a fuel? In a recent lecture on the future of the automotive held at Loughborough Grammar School, a senior academic stated that hydrogen was not a serious contender as a fuel for vehicles in the future.  Two reasons were given.  First, although burning hydrogen did not result in greenhouse gas emissions the electricity used to…

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& unusual ways to reduce your carbon emissions

7 Unusual things that will reduce your organisations carbon emissions

7 Unusual things that will reduce your organisation's carbon emissions There are very few silver bullets when it comes to reducing an organisation’s carbon emissions.  Real long-term reductions will come with a number of initiatives that cumulatively make a difference. Here are seven to get you started. 1. Review your transport policy The most obvious one is to switch as many of your fleet to full electric vehicles.  Electric vehicles…

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Electric car and electric solar charge point Electric SUV

Hybrid, plug-in Hybrid or All Electric SUV

Hybrid, plug-in Hybrid or All Electric SUV, which is the best option, a layman’s view We have been driving a Lexus 450h hybrid electric SUV for the past four years.  We are now looking to replace it with an at least partially electric SUV.  Why an SUV?  Well, carrying capacity is essential.  Not only because our family likes to go camping occasionally, but the transportation of quite bulky samples is…

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