Emissions from Leased Vehicles

Measure the emissions from leased vehicles portfolio with GHGi Leasing.
A three-part product encompassing Statutory reporting, Marketing and Sales.

Reporting of emissions from leased vehicle fleets is increasingly required for statutory reporting, under the Greenhouse Gas Corporate Standard and PCAF as well as for commercial purposes relating to various stakeholders.

GHGi Leased Vehicles – Fleet Emissions

GHGi Leased Vehicles calculates the emissions for each specific vehicle in your portfolio, before amalgamating them to produce a total figure.  It accurately calculates each vehicle’s emissions using the grams of CO2/km data provided by the DVLA.  To this is applied to a range of additional elements needed to accurately calculate the total GHG emissions.  It covers a range of fuel types:

    • Diesel
    • Petrol
    • Self-charging Hybrid
    • Plug-in Hybrid
    • Battery powered Electric Vehicle
    • Dual-fuel petrol/LPG

The results are presented in a number of ways including:

    • Total Fleet emissions
    • Emissions by Fuel type
    • Emissions by Lease type

For more details relating to the need for collecting this information follow this link…

GHGi Leasing – Projected Emissions

With this you can tell your customers the projected emissions from their proposed new fleet.  Simply select the models in question, add the number of each model to be leased and the contracted mileage applicable to each model.  The system will rapidly run the calculations and display describing the emissions grouped by model, and total emissions of the proposed fleet.

GHGi Leasing – Individual Emissions

Many people wish to offset some or all of the greenhouse gas emissions produced by the vehicle they lease.  GHGi Leasing – Individual Emissions allows your customers to calculate the emissions from the vehicle they lease and gives them the opportunity to offset these emissions.  If you have an online portal, access can be integrated into it.  We can put you in touch with offsets providers if required.

Emissions from Leased Vehicles - GHGi Leasing Individual Emissions

GHG Insight Leased Vehicle Emissions

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