Take the Pain out of Reporting Employee Commuting Emissions

If you are going to get real benefit from measuring your Commuting and Homeworking emissions, you need comprehensive and accurate information.  Only this allows you see where your efforts at emissions reduction are best directed.

GHGi Commuting EmissionsGHGi Commuting gives you what you need including an extensive list of travel types.

    1. Car, here the employee can select from a wide range of different fuel types.
    2. Motorbike
    3. Train
    4. Light Rail and tram
    5. London Underground
    6. Bus
    7. Car-sharing, where a group of people alternate driving through the week
    8. Lift in (i.e., where the employee is not the driver).
    9. Cycle
    10. Walk

The range of travel options allow an accurate picture to be established.

For public transport we use the UK Government’s GHG conversion factors. For cars, their number plate allows us to get the emissions figure held by the DVLA. Thus, the emissions we calculate for each vehicle are more accurate. Several factors relating to the fuel type as well as the “Real-world” emission for each vehicle are then applied. The final figure is therefore more accurate and complete. For Plug-in Hybrid and Battery Electric vehicles, we include all the emissions relating to the electricity used.

To learn more about GHGi Commuting, use the calendar above to select a time to set up a call with one of us.

GHG Insight

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