Net Zero Solution for Accountants

Accountancy practices need to start on the road to Net Zero now.

Our GHGi Analytics Net Zero platform will make it easy for you

Why should accountancy Practices go Net Zero?

Accountancy practices are not the biggest emitter of carbon dioxide, but to alleviate the climate emergency, all organisation will need embrace emissions reduction. The social and regulatory framework in which we now operate is increasing the pressure on all organisations to act.  Climate change is increasingly seen as a core business risk.  Reacting to it now will not only help you but give you the basis on which to advise and assist your clients. Net Zero Solution for Accountants is an urgent requirement.

Value added Opportunities

Accountants already tackling Net Zero will have the credibility to assist their clients’ responses to legislative changes and related commercial impacts.  Value added services could include:

  • Helping develop the client’s own Net Zero plans or
  • Responding to Supplier Sustainability Questionnaires received by the client’s customers.

Platform Features

The GHGi Analytics platform has been designed and developed to conform to the requirements of the GHG Protocol.  It is cloud-based and provides you with the tools you need to achieve Net Zero.

  • GHGi Analytics allows the easy recording, analysis and reporting of Greenhouse Gas emissions.
  • The platform calculates your Scope 1 Scope 2 emissions and certain Scope 3 emissions if required, this provides your carbon footprint.Net Zero solution for Accountants
  • These results are displayed in an overall report showing a full breakdown of emissions from each Scope
  • For Net Zero you can select the GHG Protocol – Corporate Standard report.
  • For annual Companies House returns, the Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting (SECR) report.
  • Emissions can be analysed in number of ways including; by company and by site.

Net Zero Solution for Accountants

Our Solution will allow you to benchmark your performance against others in your sector.  It will allow you to see how your emissions reduction plan is performing, particularly in the use of Science Based Targets.  It will allow you to determine the nature and requirement for Carbon Offsets, which we can also help you with.