GHGi Analytics Training Videos

GHGi Analytics Video Tutorials

New to GHGi Analytics?  If you are starting from scratch and need help in setting up the system, these video tutorials will take you through the basic steps.

On this page are 18 video tutorials covering all aspects of setting up and adding data to GHGi Analytics.  These tutorials run for around 5 minutes two exceptions.  Recording Grey Fleet mileage, lasts for around 15 minutes.  It deals with the recording the emissions resulting from the business use of private vehicles.  Creating an SECR Report lasts for over 19 minutes, but deals with the need to report under SECR, as well as setting up and using the report.

How to Add a new Electricity meter to GHGi Analytics

Adding an Electricity meter will be one of he first things that you do. Make sure that you have researched all the electricity meters and to which area building or business unit they apply to.

How to add a new Gas meter to an account in GHGi Analytics

Adding a Gas meter will be one of the first actions you take in setting up your account.

Add a Fuel Supply Point for local storage – heating oil

In this video we are going to show how to add a new Other Fuel Supply Point to an account in GHGi Analytics.  The section Other Fuel Supply Point is used for a variety of fuels purchased by the organisation.  It covers a variety of options, both for stationary combustion and for transport.  In this case we are going to setup a Fuel Point for heating oil.

Add Data from an Electricity Bill

This video shows how to add information from an Electricity bill to the correct electricity meter record on GHGi Analytics.

Adding Data from a Gas bill

In this video we are going to show you how to add information from a Gas bill to the correct meter in your GHGi Analytics account.

Adding Data from a fuel bill to Other fuels in GHGi Analytics

This video demonstrates how the details on an invoice for heating oil is added to a fuel point record in GHGi Analytics. This is a cloud based system designed to simplify the collection analysis and reporting of energy usage and carbon emissions for reporting under SECR.

Add a Fuel Supply Point – Fuel card to GHGi Analytics

This video shows you how to add a fuel supply point that will record fuel purchased using a fuel purchase card like AllStar.

Recording Grey Fleet mileage for SECR in GHGi Analytics

Grey Fleet is a term used to describe business mileage undertaken in a private vehicle; car, van or motorcycle. The UK Government’s Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) legislation requires it to be declared in the transport section. In this video we show how to add Grey Fleet mileage to GHGi Analytics.

Adding An Energy Supplier to GHGi Analytics

GHGi Analytics is designed to simplify the process of complying with the YK Governments Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting legislation. This video describes how to make different energy suppliers available to the account in GHGi Analytics and also how to add new Energy Suppliers if the required supplier is not currently listed.

Show or Hide Additional Data Fields

This video describes how how to add or remove (Show/Hide) optional data fields from different meter or energy supply points in GHGi Analytics.  These options allow you to personalise the the data that you can assign to meter types

How do I deactivate a meter or an Other Fuel Point in GHGi Analytics

In this video we are going to explain how to deactivate a meter or an Other Fuel Point in GHGi Analytics.  There may be occasions when you will need to deactivate a gas or electricity meter or a specific Fuel Point.  In the case of gas or electricity meters this will normally be because the physical meter has to be replaced.  In this situation the MPAN or MPRN number will remain the same, but the meter associated with it a particular MPAN or MPRN will have a different serial number.

The Energy Transaction Report

GHGi Analytics has several standard reports.  This video describes one of the system reports, the Energy Transaction Report, and how it is used.

Adding an Un-metered Office

Un-metered offices are those in which power, light and heating are included in the rental charge, and not charged separately. This video shows how this is achieved in GHGi Analytics. It takes you through the process of setting up the an office and the information you need to do this.

Understanding Custom Attributes

This video describes how to make use of the Custom Attributes available in GHGi Analytics. They provide the organisation with the ability to add dropdown choice fields to meters or Other Fuel Supply Points.

Creating an SECR Report

This video demonstrates how to setup and run an SECR Report in GHGi Analytics.  First, it explains why an organisation needs to SECR report in the first place. It the moves on to how to create the report, and finally how the report is used.