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Smart Home Device

Smart Home devices are not the answer to Emissions Reduction

AI (artificial intelligence) may be the hot topic in the technology debate, but “smart homes” technology may have a greater environmental impact.   Smart speakers, like Amazon’s Echo, can change the colour of light bulbs with just a few words.  Smart thermostats, will turn down the central heating when you go to bed.  Fridges that can tell you when you are running low on milk.  Door locks that recognise who goes…

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Electric car and electric solar charge point Electric SUV

Hybrid, plug-in Hybrid or All Electric SUV

Hybrid, plug-in Hybrid or All Electric SUV, which is the best option, a layman’s view We have been driving a Lexus 450h hybrid electric SUV for the past four years.  We are now looking to replace it with an at least partially electric SUV.  Why an SUV?  Well, carrying capacity is essential.  Not only because our family likes to go camping occasionally, but the transportation of quite bulky samples is…

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CDP Supplier Information Request

CDP Supplier Information Request

CDP Supplier Information Request. Certain large companies require their suppliers to complete a comprehensive and detailed questionnaire covering their climate change risk, greenhouse gas emissions and emissions reduction initiatives, the CDP Supplier Information Request. These questionnaires, are required to be completed each year and are scored. Failure to complete the questionnaire or failure to reach a certain minimum score may result in deterioration in the relationship with that customer. Who…

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