Commuting and Homeworking Questionnaire

Employee Commuting and Homeworking Questionnaire

Reporting emissions from employee commuting and homeworking is increasing required by government and commercial organisations. Complete the following questionnaire and you will get a fair indication of the emissions resulting from your daily commute, as well as any homeworking between 01/01/2021 to 31/12/2021. If you want to report up-to-date and more accurate results click here for GHGi Commuting.

Organisational Reporting

Organisations can use our full online system GHGi Commuting. It employs a very accurate set of calculations, which comply with the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard.  As well as a breakdown of the overall emissions, the system also provides a series of reports and graphs breaking down the emissions by category.

To take the pain out of reporting your employee commuting emissions, learn more about our online system click here for GHGi Commuting.

Employee Commuting
Question 1. Typically, how did you travel TO work?
For most people, select “One main type of transport to work” then chose your most common type, even if use a variety of methods.
Select “Two alternative types of Transport to work”, if your journey types were equally likely (dependent on season for example). We will assume an equal split. *
Question 1a. Select the means of transport that you are most likely to use.
Number of people in the vehicle including the driver
Question 1b. Select the second means of transport that you have used.
Question 4. Do you regularly work from home? *
When working from home *

GHG Insight employee commuting

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