Commuting and Homeworking Questionnaire

Employee Commuting and Homeworking Questionnaire

An employee questionnaire is essential to accurately report the emissions from employees’ commuting and homeworking. Experience has shown that a good online questionnaire can deliver double the response rate of an emailed spreadsheet, which only collects the travel data.

GHGi Commuting, our secure cloud-based solution, offers the questionnaire in a simple mobile friendly interface. By running the calculations when the questionnaire is saved, it instantly provides the employee with their weekly emissions. This encourages a greater response rate, as it gives instant feedback to those who complete the survey.

Organisational Reporting

Responses from individuals are aggregated to provide an annual or quarterly emissions figure. For reporting purposes, this figure can be upscaled to account for those employees who did not respond. This provides the organisation with a total emissions figure for reporting purposes. GHGi Commuting also provides a series of reports and graphs breaking down the emissions by category

Commuting and Homeworking Questionnaire

To see how to simplify collecting and reporting your employees’ commuting and homeworking emissions, use the calendar below to book a time for us to call you .

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