GHGi Expenses – Sustainability Reporting Software

A system for recording out-of-pocket expenses and attaching receipts.
Automatically records Carbon emissions.
Provides clarity into the review, checking and approval process.
Flexible reporting for both expenses management & Carbon emissions reporting.

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GHGi Expenses

Trying to control Travel & Expense costs using spreadsheets and paper receipts is extremely difficult.  GHGi Expenses provides you with a mobile T&E solution that benefits both employees and the organisation.  It also provides you with the information needed for greenhouse gas emissions reporting, also knows as CO2e emissions reporting.

GHGi Expenses


Employees benefit in two ways.  First, the system makes it easy to submit their claims for travel and expenses.  It has a very simple interface.  Paper receipts can be photographed using a smart phone and attached to the relevant expense item.  Submissions can be made on the move using a variety of devices.  As a cloud based system GHGi Expenses allows employees to submit their expenses and managers to check and approve them anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

Secondly, individual dashboards are provided for each claimant.  This enables them to view the status of each claim; Saved, Submitted, Approved or Reimbursed.  Where necessary, employees can respond to any items that have been declined with further information to accompany a re-submission.

The GHGi Expenses dashboard also provides each employee with a record of their business travel related carbon emissions.  This might encourage them to use less carbon emitting modes of transport in future.  Lower emission transport types often tend to be less expensive for the company.


GHGi Expenses does more than make it easy for employees to submit their expenses claims.  It maintains a review cycle, tracks spending, monitors VAT, calculates travel related carbon emissions and provides flexible reporting for both financial and greenhouse gas emissions data.

Review Cycle

The review cycle enables managers to check claims against attached images of the receipt.  The manager may then approve or reject the claim.  If rejected, the claimant then has the option to resubmit with additional information supporting the claim or accept the decision.  This provides greater clarity for all concerned.  Claimants are happy because they feel more involved and the organisation has a more efficient, less costly process.

VAT Tracking

GHGi Expenses also keeps track of VAT related to mileage claims on claims for fuel and other items.  Many organisations do not recover the VAT on business travel mileage for employees’ own vehicles.  VAT can be reclaimed on the fuel element of business mileage claims.GHGi Expenses ensures that the organisation can maximise its VAT reclaim.

GHGi Expenses

Improved Control

A system based on spreadsheets and paper receipts is severely limited when trying to analyse the organisations spend, reduce costs and detect anomalies.  Considerable time and effort needs to be expended in the collation, assembly, structuring and analysis of the data.

GHGi Expenses maintains a record of all expense claims both approved and rejected within its database.  These features allow an organisation greater clarity when reviewing its T&E spend.

Advanced Analysis

For in-depth analysis the data can be exported to a spreadsheet. This information can highlight more cost effective travel options, frequency of travel can be questioned, anomalies can be detected and investigated.  These should result in substantial cost savings.

Carbon Emissions

GHGi Expenses automatically captures any applicable carbon emissions resulting from individual claims.  The system incorporates a flexible reporting function that allows a detailed analysis of travel related greenhouse gas emissions.  This allows an organisation to report on its overall CO2 footprint easily and with improved accuracy.

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