GHGi Analytics is a Greenhouse Gas reporting application for the recording, analysis and reporting of emissions for SECR*

Centrally Stored Data

All your organisation’s emissions data securely stored in one place

Cloud Based Application

Easy access for multiple locations with no need to access internal systems enhancing cyber-security

Up to date emissions factors

GHG conversion factors always maintained to current version

Automated Data entry

Data entry can be linked to Energy Management Systems or manually from bills

GHGi Analytics

*Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting

Automatically produces the reports required by the UK Government

Drill down on Graphs and Tables

Provides easy analysis, from overview to increasingly granular detail

Spot opportunities to save costs

Identify opportunities to reduce emissions and save money

Validate your year-on-year comparisons

Use different years’ emissions factors to see what your actions have really achieved

GHGi Analytics fulfils the requirements of the UK government’s Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting regulations.  Being cloud based has two benefits. First, the data from different sites is centralised, making analysis and reporting easier. Secondly, mobile users do not need to access your organisation’s internal network, which reduces your cyber-security risk.


GHGi Analytics Greenhouse Gas Reporting Software

GHGi Analytics

GHGi Analytics

Take a detailed look at our cloud based system for collecting, analysing and reporting your energy and GHG emissions.

GHGi Analytics VideoView a video

Take a tour through GHGi Analytics.

GHGi Analytics Pricing plans

GHGi Analytics Pricing Plans

Chose the GHGi Analytics Pricing Plan that suits your organisation.

Scope 1 Emissions measurement

How GHGi Analytics records Scope 1 Emissions

Scope 1 emissions come from sources owned or controlled by the organisation

Scope 2 emissions measurement

How GHGi Analytics records Scope 2 emissions

Scope 2 are indirect GHG emissions from the consumption of purchased electricity, steam, heating or cooling.

Greenhouse Gas reporting

Greenhouse Gas Reporting

Reporting has been extended to more organisations. What is required, what do you need to do and how to minimise the effort involved?

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